Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bonus points 4)

I work for a very famous sales company downtown. i really like it a lot but the problem with my job is that there is a lot of discriminations against the workers. Many of the problems we have already discuss how work is effective and how emotional it can be among immigrants and other workers. One example of this is that they keep the well educated on the sales floor and the rest from different divers or country in the stockroom area. My store had been sue for many discrimination against works, but either way nothing has change only a little and that was because people stood up for themselves.

Essay 6 Questions interview

My research Questions are basically about emotional labor and they are related as well to one another. 
1) How do people deal with emotional labor? and how are they affected by it?
2)Why do people need a Psychologist?
3)How Does this job affect you and  your marriage?

2) The interview questions that i might actually use are not many because i would rather follow up with the interviewee. 

1)What do you think about your work?do you think it helps people?
2)What do costumers pay for or are there different prices for each sections?
3)How does Gender reflects a persons comfort level? with a male or female 
4)What is the most craziest thing that ever happen to you in your professional life?
5)what was the worst you had to go through or deal with in a patient 
6)have you ever been emotionally affected by your job 
7) how do you separate your work from your job at home as a house wife?
8)how does dealing with your patients affect you personality or them?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

interview 5

i would like to interview a psychologist i would like to know more about it. but idk where and how to find one who is in the field already.There are tons of jons out there but im interested in this one because i would like to see how they could cope with peoples problems and help them understand whats around them basically like how do they deal with these people and thier problems without affecting them at all. But how do i go about .....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i dont really understand the poem much but it seems like a very nice poem very emotional and it show how labor was a problem because alot of unemployment and inequalitiest so it was hard for people. the poem is mainly about waiting for a job and how many people were fooled into getting a job when it really wasnt true. It shows how bad unemployment was for people whom needed to work in other to take care of their own. but it shows in my understanding how people where judge and treated back then

Growing up

Growing up i have notice that women basically do almost everything. We have to take care of the house hold , cook.clean,etc.. The mens i grow were very commited to their work as of today aswell,But the women like my mother she worked part time and to be home and also be a house wife with kids to take care if is like having a double job. I did not grow up with the idea of the jobs men and women do because in my culture we help eachother and work together. But mostly the womens job is either go to school, and be a house wife. Men did most of the work.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Status 2

i honestly Did not know what to write about status but i wrote what i think is okay.............
In my community status is everything from what type of job you have or whether you look at wealth, education, upbringing or job, health steadily. Status could be a good or bad in my opinion because we live in a very diverse community so we all have different customs in which we have to get used to and learn from everyone. Status is a part of our everyday lives people will judge or not; we as young adult try fit in but all we have to do is be ourselves and be normal.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post #1

My current job routine is costumer service helping people get what they need if they need help with anything. My place of work is a very sociable place where I feel the atmosphere is very comfortable and sociable as well. The changes I would make if I could is nothing really because I like everything of my job is fun flexible and understanding.